Reliable Snowplowing

has instituted the use of a state-of-the-art training program in order to provide fully trained staff for the implementation of our service to your facility. We even train our staff on the proper way to shovel sidewalks and apply the correct amount of ice melt.

The “Snow Fighter University”® is a multi-phase process, which includes classroom and practical hands-on training. Each staff member receives required classroom training and interactive digital training, similar to a pilot training system. Each module of training is completed with an examination proving proficiency. The class room training is intensely focused on the details, in order to eliminate the learning curve. A hands-on training model(pictured to the right) is also used. It functions as a practical proficiency test of the techniques learned before it snows.

Prior to snowfall, each driver receives hands-on training in the vehicle and with the plow and spreader. The practical training continues when it snows, through a mentoring program, where each worker is paired with an experienced team member.

Before it snows, the worker visits the sites they will be responsible for to become intimately familiar with your specific site and the needs/requirements of your property. During the pre-season visit, the following items are specified and directions given:

  1. Priority of service—what needs to be done first
  2. Location for stockpiling
  3. Raised paved surfaces
  4. Detailed knowledge of the parking and traffic patterns of the location
  5. Color coded staking that matches the site design
  6. Fully documented color coded plan

Once the pre-season preparation is complete, the driver is assigned to a team of one manager and up to six workers (1:6), to ensure ongoing growth and quality control.


  • Knowledgeable, trained staff, who get the job done to your
    specifications from the very first snowfall through the entire season
  • Training focused on details, details, details (eliminates the learning curve) and a written plan to provide the best service possible for your snow/ice management
  • Professional attitude dedicated to providing professional results
  • Dedicated snow professionals who are committed to provide you with on-time service no matter what