Reliable's Strategic Advantage

Unlike most companies, Reliable operates out of 50 satellite locations throughout Northern Ohio. We have been using this satellite model to eliminate drive-time and keep our field -workers as localized as possible to our customers. This is a huge strategic advantage during normal times and even more so during a pandemic. One employee that tests positive for COVID-19 could shut down our competitor's entire operation, requiring all of their employees to self-quarantine for 14 days. If an employee tests positive at Reliable, we have 49 other satellite locations that can deploy resources to help support the impacted location. This ensures fully-functional operations at all times and on-time service, no matter what, for our customers and the communities we serve.

Our COVID-19
Plan in Action:

  • Continuous monitoring and adjusting to CDC recommendations
  • Social distancing (on your site and at our facilities)
  • Disinfecting plan, facility, fleet
  • Virtual meetings
  • Remote workforce
  • Leadership protection plan
  • Daily temperature monitoring
  • Mask program
  • Home office setups for all office positions
  • Continuous education
  • Consulting physician on call
  • 50 satellite locations for staff and equipment
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Repair shop

We have added two additional locations that operate independently to mitigate the risk to our team and our customers. Secondly, we have long standing business relationships with our vendors due to our buying power and quick payment policy.

Best Disinfectant Practices

We have significantly added to our already stringent disinfectant practices.


We are checking temps and screening each worker and visitor.

Vehicle Disinfectant

Each truck and loader are equipped with designated bags of supplies to disinfect vehicles according to CDC guidelines.

Optimized HVAC System

We have added ultra violet scrubbers to our HVAC system to kill viruses. We have optimized our air filters to HEPA air filters.

We Have Increased Our Inventory

We have increased our inventory of parts and supplies to prepare for extended lead times.

Continuously Encouraging Best Practices

- Social distancing
- Wearing masks
- Disinfecting personal work areas before and after shifts

Constantly Monitoring and Being Fluid

This situation is very fluid. We are constantly monitoring and adjusting our plan as new information comes in and best practices are developed.


We have virtualized and mitigated the risks throughout our entire organization.

  • Virtual appointments available
  • Virtual on site meetings
  • Virtual adjustments to service
  • Virtual accounting department
    can now work from home
  • Virtual dispatching (we have been doing this for over 35 years)
  • Virtual quality control (we have been doing this with our snowplow cams for 35 years)
  • Virtual banking (we have been utilizing a lockbox and online services for over 10years)
  • Virtual weather monitoring-our system is the best in the industry
  • Virtual servers-we have moved from an on premises solution (exchange server) to Office 365
  • Zoom
  • Go To Meetings
  • Face Time
  • What's App
  • Microsoft Teams


At Risk

Work & Connect

“Kind reminder - love, respect and genshai goes a long way. Especially in these difficult times.”
- Norm Detrick, CEO & Founder