We Will Never
Run Out Of Salt!


What happens if a key player or a primary tool is unavailable?

Reliable has a business continuity procedure in place to accommodate any "glitches" or disasters in the system - whether that's related to personnel or equipment. We have depth within our leaderships roles, through cross-training and shared or partnered responsibilities. There is a team approach to servicing customer zones, where each facility is assigned a primary associate who is supported by a team leader and a minimum of four other teammates.

The Reliable office and dispatching center are equipped with backup generators. We have our ow non-site fuel tanks that are always available–no matter what.

The Reliable radio communications system includes backup radio towers, which have emergency generators, in order to ensure continuance of service. These towers are the same as those used by fire and police forces.

Our office has three off-site locations, all equipped with fully redundant IT, which we can immediately switch headquartered operations to (Hot Swap). The phone system and internet service at Reliable have a copper lined backup. These tools, along with other backups, work in partnership to provide uninterrupted snow and ice management for our customers.

Our mechanical shop has multiple shifts of full-time mechanics and four mobile mechanics. We have over$500,000 worth of backup parts and supplies to ensure on-time service no matter what to our customers.

Reliable will never run out of salt.

We have anon-site salt pile that never goes below 2/3 of the salt needed, for a complete season of usage.

Reliable has a strategic alliance with a private salt distributor Same Day Salt, which provides additional salt when needed, regardless of any salt shortage or restrictions through local salt mines.

  • COVID Prepared
  • Leadership Backup
  • Organization-Wide Cross-Training
  • Written Procedural Manuals
  • Back-Up Generators
  • Multiple Office Sites
  • Copper Lined Back-Ups
  • Hot Swap I.T. Back-Up
  • Mechanics On Staff
  • 12,000 Tons of Salt in Stock (Strategic Reserve)
  • Virtual Operations Of All Core Functions
  • Fiscally Strong
  • Large Inventory of Parts & Supplies
  • Financial Stability