Our Foundation
Is Made Up Of...

Our infrastructure is what enables us to provide prompt and efficient service no matter what. If it snows continuously for two weeks or your area experiences unexpected lake effect snow, rest assured that your project will be completed on time.


Dedicated Plower - Dedicated Route Leader - Dedicated Sidewalk Crew - Captain Zone Manager - Back Up Personnel - Dispatcher - Private Meteorologist - Plus a 35 year track record


Two Shifts - Blizzard Contingency - Environmentally  Friendly Ice Melt - Customer Service Team - Service Confirmation - Eco 2 Salt - Liquid Anti Icing - 24/7 Call Center - Pre Season Planning - Quality Control


Satellite Imagery - Weather Monitoring - Smartphone - GPS - 2 Way Radio Communication - Climate Controlled Data Room - IT Infrastructure - Offsite Back Up Multiple "Hot Swap" Remote Offices - Full IT Redundancy


Arsenal of Equipment - Extensive Back Up - Brick & Mortar Headquarters - Full Continuity Plan - 50 Satellite Locations


Leadership Team - Management Team - 3 Tiered Back Up Equipment - Back Up Personnel - Strategic Salt Reserve (12k Tons)


On Time Service... No Matter What
Year Round Dedication to Snow Best Practice Group from around Country (Mastermind Group) - Proactive Planning Fiscal Stability - Proven Delivery Model

Customer Service Support

Live Customer Support,  Macedonia - Dedicated Account Manager - Full Administrative Support for Insurance Workers to Meet all of Your Paperwork Needs